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Globe Terrarium

Gizmos and Gadgets introduces the new Globe Garden™ Terrarium where anyone with or without a green thumb, in their own home, apartment, condo, office, RV or school can watch with wonder the miracle of growth. The greenhouse-like effect of the Globe Garden is an ideal growing environment for seeds to germinate and then flourish into beautiful plants.

Terrariums are miniature enclosed gardens. Any type of house plant can be grown in a terrarium arrangement: indeed, the humid microclimate inside the container is the ideal solution to dry, centrally-heated rooms which can be harmful to plant health. The one exception to this is the family of cacti and succulents, prone to rot in humid environments. These are better kept in open dishes.

Terrariums require a minimum of care if they are kept sealed. The moisture that plants absorb from the soil is given off through the leaves by the process of transpiration. This condenses on the walls and runs down to moisten the soil again. The atmosphere also remains balanced through the combined plant processes of photosynthesis and respiration. A well-constructed terrarium requires only light and warmth to flourish.

Some people prefer to line the bottom first with sphagnum or freshly-picked moss, up to the soil level. A drainage layer is essential to ensure the roots are not sitting in excess moisture. Spread a handful of crushed charcoal in the bottom to keep the soil fresh, and cover with 2cm pebbles or gravel. Cover this with 2 to 5cm of good, porous potting soil. Mosses sand will satisfy most plants. The soil mix should be slightly damp, but never wet, at the time of planting. It must be sterile. The Terrarium Links page has many more resources listed for building Terrariums.

The Globe Garden™ is also ideal as a seed starter — great for starting any herb, vegetable or plant garden... just add dirt, seeds, and just a little water! Watch the seeds germinate and flourish into beautiful plants! It is now proven that herbs and vegetables promote better health and now you can grow them yourself! Globe Garden™ plants thrive with little effort on your part. You become the gardener you wish you always had been. If you have not had good success with plants in the past, transplant your old ivies and other plants into the Globe Garden™ and watch them grow! Add small rocks for a "rock garden" effect. A Globe Garden™ is a fun, educational project for children — whether in the home or in school — Children can add the soil, plant the seeds, and watch with excitement as the seeds sprout forth.

The Globe Garden™ is made of super strong poly carbonate that withstands the toughest of treatment and is dishwasher safe. They come in 3 sizes: 8",10", and 14".

Year around, everyone can use and enjoy a Globe Garden™.

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